Lifestyle Travel Ballarat is a team of dedicated, passionate and experienced travellers. Leonie Spencer founded Lifestyle Travel to create a more personalized travel experience for her clients. The team is proud of our genuine and personal approach to creating holidays that make memories. It truly is travel your way.


Leonie Spencer, Director & Founder

“After my family, travel is my life and the only career I have ever known or wanted!  Every day I get to see how travel connects people from all walks of life and cultures.  When we share experiences and cultures, we make the world more beautiful.

Years of experience: 39 years
Favourite destination: Definitely Africa, followed closely by South America
Travel specialty: Small Intimate Group Tours, I love creating those genuine and memorable experiences for my clients.
My most recent adventure: African Migration Tour, including a Gorilla trek in Rwanda–simply fantastic and watching the incredible migration of thousands of wildebeest and zebra as they cross the river.

Sandi Jackson, Client Services

“My love for travel is to experience different cultures, seeing new things, trying different cuisines, travelling with my daughter and creating lifetime memories for the both of us.”

Years of experience: 12 years
Favourite travel experience: Turning 50 and finally going to Disneyland watching the fireworks with Tinkerbell flying over the castle. Magical experience!
My most recent adventures: Singapore, Vietnam & Cambodia, Darwin & Kakadu and Noumea.

Dianne Childs, TRavel Specialist

 “I love to challenge my mind to continually learn so I can create the best possible experiences for my clients.  I especially love creating European itineraries and tours, which lets me share all my fantastic travel and lifestyle experiences with my clients.”

Years of experience: 46 years
Favourite travel experience: Lake Como, Italy. 
Travel Specialty: European custom tours–I have a lot of repeat clients, which allows me to do more and get even more localised in my planning.
My most recent adventures: I travelled on the Glacier Express through Switzerland. Then, we went on to Paris, where we had an incredible meal in the Eiffel Tower. We laid a wreath at the Mein Gate, Ypres.


Joy Zulic, Travel Specialist

“I love to travel for the sheer enjoyment of exploring new and exciting places and cultures. I am passionate about trying new foods, people watching, relaxing on any warm beach.”

Years of experience: 19 years
Favourite travel experience: So hard to pick! Japan was just so fascinating to see the snow monkeys sitting in the warm thermal waters with snow sprinkled on their heads, grooming, playing, and just being naughty monkeys. I loved it!
Travel specialty: I really enjoy helping clients book travel to the places where I have been so that I can give them that personal advice. I just spent time cruising in Greece and the Mediterranean, and in Barcelona, so that’s a few more to add!
My most recent adventure: My latest amazing trip was chasing the Northern Lights in Scandinavia! It was an awesome experience and I got to see the lights dancing in the sky.


Alison Dwyer, Travel Specialist

 “Travel has been a passion of mine since my very first holiday as a child. There are so many reasons why I love travel. I love the history and sights, the challenges, experiencing new cultures, trying different types of local food and meeting interesting people.”

Years of experience: 11 years
Favourite travel experience: Visiting the Western Front with my elderly mother and retracing the steps of my Great Uncle killed in action in World War 1. This was such a moving experience to be the first family member to visit the area and lay a wreath.
Travel specialty: Specialty or specific personal destination expertise in Cruising, Europe, family holidays and arranging business travel for local companies.
My most recent adventures: In the last 10 months I have visited Singapore, Europe and Cambodia.

Carly Cunningham, TEAM MANAGER & Travel Specialist

“I love to travel because every day is different.  I love the experiencing the culture, walking around a corner to find another little hidden treasure, the food and most of all interacting with the people and trying to find out their stories.”

Years of experience: 14 years
Favourite travel experience: Definitely trekking to see the gorillas in Uganda. They are so beautiful and gentle. Just a life changing experience.
Travel specialty: Europe is a destination I have travelled a lot so I feel I am a specialist in this area.
My most recent adventures: Japan Cruise–June 2014, Port Douglas–May 2014, Africa–July, August and September 2013,  Vietnam–November 2012.

Lisa James, Travel Specialist

“I love travel because of the excitement of seeing a new place, the thrill of the unknown and especially the unpredictability of travel, how it evolves as you go. You never quite know who you are going to meet & what's around that next corner.  I love introducing my children to see the world through the eyes of travel.”

Years of experience: 26 years Favourite travel experience: Seeing Machu Picchu glistening in the morning sunlight from the Sun Gate after an amazing 4 day Inca Trail trek.
Travel specialty: I enjoy planning tailor made holidays especially for families.  I also love soft adventure travel, the South Pacific and New Zealand.
My most recent adventure: I've just returned from New Zealand, an amazing country right on our doorstep, Canadian Rockies, Tahiti and lovely Palm Cove with my family.

Amy White, Travel Specialist

“I love travel for many reasons, visiting new and exciting places, experiencing new cultures and tasting local cuisines. Catching up with friends and meeting new and interesting people. Working in the travel industry gives me the opportunity to share my travel experiences and knowledge with others while helping them to create new experiences.”

Years of experience: 13 years
Favourite travel experience: One of my favourite travel memories is an overland camping trip in Africa, from Victoria Falls to Cape Town. The amazing sunrises and sunsets have to be seen to be believed, being so close to Elephants, Lions, Giraffe, Hippos and Rhino's in their natural environment was a dream come true.  
Travel speciality: I love organising all types of travel, I especially enjoy coordinating groups travelling together such as multi generation group travelling for a birthday or special occasion.
My most recent adventure: My most recent overseas trip was to Koh Samui for a family wedding. We had a great time celebrating with over 40 family and friends and it was also our first time travelling with our daughter!


Renae rowe, Travel Specialist

“I am passionate about helping my clients have the best and most personalised travel experience possible.  I love learning their individual interests and needs, and helping to design their perfect tailor-made holiday.”

Years of experience: 26 years
Favourite travel experience: My favourite place in the world thus far has to be the stunning Cook Islands. The most gorgeous and picturesque beaches I have ever seen are located in Aituaki. A must do!
Travel specialty: I spent 6 months travelling extensively throughout Europe, and  have scuba dived in New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Malaysia, Thailand and Hawaii. Snow skiing throughout New Zealand, Whistler and Colorado.
My most recent adventure: Up close and personal with 10 massive sharks on a 'shark dive' in Shark Alley in Fiji! Lived to tell the tale! Another was my ultimate dream, to swim with turtles, which I did in Hawaii. 

Simon Spencer, Sales/Marketing & personalised group travel

“I love travel because it is fun, relaxing and very unpredictable. You are able to visit places that you have heard of, and places you will never forget.  I absolutely love being able to experience some of the world’s best sporting and cultural events.”

Years of experience: 5 years
Favourite travel experience: Watching The Killers perform on the manmade island ‘The Palm’ in Dubai.
Travel specialty: Adventure Travel, Sporting and Events Holidays
My most recent adventure: I have recently visited: Europe (Spain, France, England, Romania, Serbia & Bosnia),  UAE (Dubai), USA (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, New York City, Washington DC, Las Vegas & North Carolina), and Australia (Sydney, Perth, Darwin, Cairns & Brisbane).


Jodie Buttler, Administration/Accounts

“I love travelling to relax, especially with my family.  I have always loved having my children with me when I travel, which makes those trips an even more memorable part of our family story.”

Years of experience: 30 years
Favourite destination: When I travel I love beaches, shopping, relaxing, good food and seeing new things. My favourite experience is sipping a cocktail on Cable Beach, Broome watching the sunset.
Travel specialty: Family Travel, beach holidays, and Australian adventures.
My most recent adventure: My recent trips include Bali with the family, Hamilton Island & Singapore.